A personal interest of mine through my daily travels. With my trusty retro FUJI X-Pro1 that goes everywhere with me, I like nothing better than capturing the play of light and shadows on man-made structures.

Sharp angles or long flowing curves, there is something I find so enchanting walking amongst buildings and finding the angles that appeal to my personal aesthetic.

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Nature and the Environment

I am always trying to capture images that show nature and the environment at its finest. The play of light upon water, the sky at dawn and dusk casting its luscious rays of light upon the earth, plants and animals at peace, as well as pictures of how we interact amongst the beauty that abounds us. Maybe, as I start to mature, I am learning to appreciate the simpler things in life, and the quieter moments when nature draws us in and makes us stop our busy schedules for a few moments, and makes us appreciate how wonderful it is to be at that spot, at that very moment to capture it on film. This image was taken with an APPLE iPhone Pro Max.

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This is an area I am most interested in. Capturing human character and expressions, feelings and emotions in all its forms.

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Sports and Action

This is still a new area of photography for me. The equipment I choose to use now is more for taking images up close and personal. Therefore, I prefer to take pictures of those quieter moments when the subject of my interest is pausing or transitioning during periods of action.

This photo of a female stockman showing her skills at the Pannawonica Rodeo was taken with a NIKON D7000.

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Street Photography

Those fleeting moments as you pass by people going about their lives. The charm of street photography, where you seize a moment and try capturing the raw feelings of what the subject(s) I am focussing on are involved in at that moment. What is there not to love about street photography!

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Experimental and Textures

Just a collection of interesting colours and textures photographed during my daily travels.

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